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Counselling Children / Teenagers

Play Therapy / Talking Therapy

Play Therapy is adaptable for different developmental levels and is appropriate for children of all ages, from different cultures, genders and abilities.  It is suitable for primary school aged children and also secondary school aged children, especially children who have emotional and behavioural difficulties.

I also offer talking therapy and may use teenage workbooks to help teenagers struggling with anxiety, low mood, social anxiety, bullying. body image, low self-esteem.

I offer a safe and confidential space for children to explore a non-directive experience of play therapy.  The emphasis is for the child to have the ability to choose materials which make most sense to them and to use the play experience and therapeutic relationship in their own way and for the Counsellor to 'be with' the child.

I also offer more structured therapy approaches tailored specifically to the child's needs. 

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